West Desert Groundwater Monitoring Network
(Snake Valley and Adjacent Areas)

Detailed Project Information

In early 2007 the Utah State Legislature requested that the UGS establish a groundwater monitoring-well network in Utah’s west desert, in response to proposed water-development projects in east-central Nevada and west-central Utah.

Groundwater monitoring sites include wells, surface-flow gages to measure spring discharge, and shallow piezometers in wetlands established as part of a habitat inventory. Wells and piezometers are equipped with pressure transducers and data loggers that are downloaded quarterly. Surface-flow data are relayed to the Department of Natural Resources in real time via radio telemetry.

Click on marker on map to view popup window or select a site from the pull-down menu above the map to create well or gage summary reports, view pages containing information on the well or spring, and links to download one or more of the following: transducer, drilling, and chemical data and lithologic, geophysical, flow, and temperature profile logs where available.


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